I'm Steph

Belfast wedding photographer

I'm married to Damien. I like him. He is an extremely good spud.

We have children of both the furry and non-furry varieties. They are also lovely.

I'm sponsored by sarcasm, yoga, belly laughs and eating whole jars of gherkins in one sitting.

I love 80s movies, '90s music and anything that makes me feel nostalgic.

I could try and tell you how much I love this thing I get to call work, but it would get very cheesy very fast!

There's something so special about developing a connection with people, seeing what makes them unique and reflecting that back in the photographs we create together.

My photography style is heavy on romance, but in a modern way.


[Fairly InFrequently Asked Questions]

What’s your deal Steph, why are you a photographer?

I like beautiful things and, apart from a shitty personal fashion sense, I like to think I know what looks good. I’ve always been told I “have an eye”. Well it actually turns out I have two of them, and I'd like to use them to make beautiful photographs for you that we can both look at with our eyes, and all your family now and in generations to come can look with their eyes, and all of their eyes and all of our eyes will feel so happy looking at your photos that they’ll dance around in our heads and twinkle like wee stars.

What’s your favourite thing to photograph?

I am such a sucker for emotional, heartfelt photos that show the bond and connections we all share. Emotions are what make us human, and allow us to connect and relate to each other. Looking back on your photos you’ll be reminded of how gorgeous you looked and how beautiful your venue was but I want to give you the joy of remembering how you FELT.

That’s what photos are to me. Immersing yourself in nostalgia, and returning to your memories and emotions again and again.

Cool fact: the word nostalgia comes from the greek word nostos meaning: 'return' and 'home' and like E.T. would tell you there's no better feeling than that eh?

Tell me 5 things that makes you different from other photographers

1. The real difference between one photographer and another

2. is their photography style and approach, and individual personality

3. so if you like my photos a lot

4. and you think I seem like a dead on person

5. then we are on to a winner pal.

You seem dead on.

i like your photos a lot.

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